Finally View Royal can enjoy quality Chinese food and Japanese food with out having to venture into downtown Victoria. We have been in Victoria area for a long time and since we have been here, the restaurant scene is where we are most at home. Bringing wonderful Asian food from our culture, our family secrets and even a little from our friends along the way, we feel we have achieved our highest standard with Lucky Village Chinese and Japanese Restaurant. We present to you our finest offering. 




We wanted to create an inviting atmosphere where our guests will be comfortable dining with friends, family and business partners. Whether it is for a quick lunch or a special dinner, we feel Lucky Village can offer exactly the right decor and cuisine. 



Our expansive buffet offering all the classics and a host of House Specialties will always be our crowning jewel but for those who are looking for a different experience, we offer a substantial "A La Carte" menu to choose items as you wish.




We use only the freshest ingredients and classic techniques in the preparation of our entrées.  We know you'll taste the difference right away.


Vick Siu

Vick is the heart of our restaurant and he is the one who brings the spirit and soul into it.


Sharon is an experienced cook with a long list of awards, prizes and trophies.

Kiyomi Arimitsu

Sales and Marketing Director

Jennifer Bespalko

Chengyuan Fan

Angela Yang



Thank you again so much for the lovely lunch ~ the food is delicious ~ and for being such a wonderful host!  Your staff is great!  The Victoria Sparklers chapter of the Crown Jewels of Canada Society will definitely recommend the Lucky Village to our sisters.  Hopefully, next time we come we can have a larger group!


Your food is the very best Chinese/Japanese food I've ever tasted.  Beats everyone else I've tried hands down.  Your service is great and your courtesy is outstanding. 

For the second time I’ve just had my dinner delivered from the LUCKY VILLAGE  Chinese and Japanese restaurant.  It is by far the best I’ve ever had and if you live in, or are visiting Victoria, you should definitely try it.

It stands on Admiral’s Road between Craigflower and Admiral’s Walk.


Hello Vick- The other day you & I talked as you served my late lunch/early dinner. I mentioned having lived in China for roughly 2 years as my wife & I taught English. We worked mostly with university students initially, then high schoolers toward the end of our stay there. When we moved to Yunnan province, based in Kunming, I worked in a newly opened international school in the tobacco-growing region around the town of Mile.

Being a Korean-owned school geared toward Korean students, administered by a non-academic unfamiliar with school procedure, it was poorly managed, resulting in a quick turn-over of teaching staff. The students were great to work with but the principal/manager was not at all on top of things & didn't listen to teacher needs or requests. Mostly we loved living in & teaching the students in Kunming, a lovely city. The surrounding countryside was amazingly beautiful with acres & acres of odd-shaped white stone fields unique to the area. We made many friends there & still are in touch with several of these via email & online social media. We've stopped in Hong Kong briefly a few times over the years of travelling in that part of the world & only wish we had taken the time to explore the city instead of just looking out from the airport terminal, wondering what was going on in the city streets/markets. We love going through fresh markets, exploring the new & different fruits & vegetables and meats we seldom if ever see at home in Canada.

Given the chance, we would go again to China - having so many great memories of the places == Beijing, Xiamen, Guangjo, Kunming, Wuhan etc. We hope to be in Victoria within the coming month & will try to stop by your place for another fine meal. We really enjoy your buffet which we think is about the best available in the Victoria area. All the best!